Festival Information


You will be notified that your registration has been received and you will also receive an invoice for your Registration Fee.  When your payment is received by Keller Central, your registration will then be confirmed. 


Entry Fee: $400 per ensemble.

  • The $400 deposit (per ensemble), must be on file before by April 3rd. Please make checks payable to: "Central High School Band Boosters" Mail to: Central High School, att. Kai Rudnick, 9450 Ray White, Fort Worth, TX 76244


Keller Central High School has been a great facility to use for any recording contest, as well as end of year compilations. 


Keller Central High School

9450 Ray White

Fort Worth, TX 76244


Contest Classifications

Groups are classified using the Texas UIL classifications.  Groups may perform either two or three selections, but the entire performance cannot exceed the time allowed.  Three numbered original scores of each selection must be provided.  Groups may dress formally or casually.


Each group has an allotted time to arrive, warm-up, enter the stage, get set, perform and exit the stage. Please arrive on time and adhere to the contest schedule. Information will be provided with specific times, where to park, where to enter and where to exit. Our goal is a quality experience for all, and we will operate on time. 


We use a divisional rating system; however groups may enter for comments only if desired.  Adjudication panel consists of three judges with a variety of musical experience. Quality of performance is the top priority in adjudications. Material from state-approved lists is recommended.


Adjudicators critique each performance in writing,  Their critique is emailed to the director along with their Division Rating and nominations for individual awards. Directors receive a critique from each of the adjudicators on the panel, usually within minutes of the conclusion of their performance.


"Outstanding Group of the Day" trophy will be awarded.  "Best in Class" trophies are awarded in classes with two or more entries.  All groups receive a trophy, an audio CD. Certificates of Merit are awarded for outstanding solo performances and/or outstanding section performances.


Central High School provides:  Chairs, stands risers and acoustic shells if needed.

Percussion equipment provided:  Bass Drum, Gong, 4 Timpani, Chimes, Xylophone, 4.3 octave Marimba, Vibraphone, Orchestra Bells and Acoustic Piano.