Region Auditions Dates!

Phase 1 Brass Auditions
Tuesday, November 28th, Chisholm Trail HS
(Trumpets, Horns, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba) 

Phase 1 Woodwind and Percussion Instruments
Thursday, November 30th, Weatherford HS
(Flutes, Bb Clarinets, Alto Sax and Percussion) 

Phase 2 Auditions
Saturday, December 9th, Timber Creek High School
All Phase 1 instruments and non Phase 1 instruments

9th Grade Audition
Saturday, December 9th, Timber Creek High School

Play Off Game! Itinerary

Keller Central Vrs. Mansfield
November 16th, 2017
Vernon Newsom Stadium

5th Period                   Report to Band Hall
                                    (Rehearse in Band Hall for Half Time) 
3:30                             Send off for the Football Team
4:00                            Eat/Dress/Load
5:15                              Depart for Mansfield
7:00                             Pre Game Begins
7:30                             Football Game Begins
8:30                             Half Time Performance
10:00                           Game Ends
11:00                            Arrive Back at CHS
11:30                            Dismissal


Lone Star Drumline Itinerary - Nov 18

Marcus High School
5707 Morriss Rd
Flower Mound, TX 75028

Eat lunch before you arrive
Arrive in half-uniform

1:00pm- Bus departs CHS

2:00pm- Arrive at Lewisville HS
-tune and sound check

3:00pm- Warm-up

4:36pm- Perform (spectator admission is $10 for adults, $5 for students)
- load
-change into drumline shirt & jeans

5:30pm- Go to dinner at area restaurant (bus ride)
-students bring money

7:30pm- Return to stands to watch remaining drumlines

9:00pm- Awards presentation
-get on the bus immediately after

10:30pm- Back at CHS

What to bring: All uniform parts and undergarments, drumline shirt, jeans, jacket, money for dinner. This is a fully outdoor event so bring warm clothes to change into after the performance.

Haltom @ CHS Itinerary

Haltom @ CHS
November 9th, 2017
7:00 Game @ KISD Stadium


4:00-5:30      Load/Eat/Dress
5:30               Inspection
5:45               Leave for KISD
6:15                Senior Night Begins! 
7:00               Game Begins
8:15                Half Time Performance
10                  Game Ends
11:00              Dismiss From CHS


Lewisville Drumline Invitational

Lewisville High School
1098 W Main St
Lewisville, TX 75067

Eat lunch before you arrive
Arrive in half-uniform

2:00pm- Bus departs CHS

3:00pm- Arrive at Lewisville HS
-tune and sound check

3:45pm- Warm-up

5:15pm- Perform ($5 for admission)
-load after
-change into drumline shirt & jeans

6:30pm- Walk to Raising Cane’s for dinner
-students bring money

7:30pm- Return to stands to watch remaining drumlines

9:45pm- Awards presentation
-get on the bus immediately after

11:00pm- Back at CHS

What to bring: All uniform parts and undergarments, drumline shirt, jeans, jacket, money for dinner

Schedule this week!

Hello Band Family! 
The last week of marching band is here!  Can you believe it?
We have modified the schedule a little this week to off set the bad weather on Tuesday.
Also, we're going to move Trunk or Treat to Thursday.  

See below

Monday           4:30 - 6:30
Tuesday           4:30 - 6:30
Wednesday     4:30-6:30
Thursday         4:30 -6:30
                         7:00     Trunk or Treat
                         7:30     Chaperone Meeting
Friday              Game Day

CHS @ Fossil Ridge

CHS @ Fossil Ridge
October 27, 2017
8th Grade Night! 


2:55                 (5th period)  All band students report to the band hall.  
                         Rehearsal with the 8th Graders.  Playing CHS and Hillwood, fight song. 
                         We will run part 4 one more time as well. 

4:30                Eat/Load/Dress.  Girls hair will be in buns this game, no French Braids. 
5:45                 Inspection
6:00                Depart for KISD Stadium
7:30                 Game Starts
8:00-30           Have time performance.  Debut of the CLOSER!
10:30               Game Ends
11:00                No dismissal Go HOME! 


1st Draft San Antonio Trip!

Hello Families
This is not the final itinerary for San Antonio.  This just gives families an idea of our upcoming San Antonio Trip. 
Here's some important notes

1.  Student need to have $9 in a envelope with their name on it by Tuesday! This $9 will go to a finals ticket if we don't make finals.  
2. Students need to bring everything to school Friday morning. (except for ditty bag) 
(more information coming out later about ditty bags) 

Friday November 3rd 

9:30pm         After half time depart to CHS
10:30             Go home, shower, eat
11:30pm         Charter Buses Arrive
11:45pm         Arrive at CHS and immediately get on charter bus

Saturday November 4th

12:00                 Depart for San Antonio
5:30am              Arrive at Lot, Eat Breakfast
6:00am             Change into Uniform in Truck or in Dome
6:30am             Unload Truck
7:25-8:10          Warm Up
8:30am             Performance
9:45am             Depart for Lehman High School
11:00                 Arrive at Lehman High School
12:00-3:00        Lunch/Sleep

3:00-4               Wake Up-Shower
4:00                   Depart for San Antonio
5:00                   Arrive at the Dome, eat Dinner

7:30                    Finals Start  
10:45                  Finals Award Ceremony
(We will leave after the last band if we don’t make finals)
12:00                   Departure time if we do make finals
4am                     Arrival if we don’t make finals
6:00am                Arrival if we do make finals

Duncanville Competition Itinerary

Duncanville Marching Invitational
October 28th, 2017
900 Camp Wisdom Rd, Duncanville Tx 75116


5:00am            Students need to eat Breakfast! 
6:30 am             Rehearsal @ CHS
7:30                   Dress/Load
9:00                  Depart for Duncanville
10:00                 Arrive
11:00                  Warm Up
11:45                   Keller Central Prelims Performance
12:30                  Get into normal clothing(See below)

Lunch on students own dime.  (concession stands) 

12:30 - 4:45      Watch bands all afternoon! 
4:45                  Prelims Awards
5pm                  Dinner provided by Boosters

6:30                  First Finalist Band Performs
9:00                  Last finalist Band Performs
9:15                   TCU Performance
9:30                  Finals Award Ceremony
10:30                Depart for CHS
11:15                  Arrive back at CHS
12:00                Dismissal


*Students need money for Lunch
*Students need to wear their "established shirt" with Jeans.  Bring a jacket as well. 


CHS @ Abilene

CHS @ Abilene
October 13th, 2017

5th Period                    Head straight to the band hall. 
                                       Students will wear street clothing for the bus ride.  We'll dress in our uniforms when we get there.  
3:30                              Depart for Abilene
                                       We will eat on the bus (box dinner) 
6:00                             Arrive @ Abilene
                                       Get dressed in uniforms
7:00                             Pre-Game
7:30                              Game Begins
10:30                             Game Ends(Get dressed back to street cloths)
1:00'ish                        Dismal



CHS @ Weatherford

CHS @ Weatherford
October 6th, 2017
@ Roo Stadium
1007 S Main St, Weatherford, TX 76086


5th Period          Students report to the band hall
                           Start Loading/Dress
4:00                   Eat
5:00                   Depart for Weatherford
6:30                   Arrive at Roo Stadium
7:30                   Game Begins
8:30-9                Half Time Performance
10:30                  Game ends
12:00'ish             Dismiss from CHS  
                           (We'll unload the next moring)