San Antonio Projected Itinerary


Keller Central San Antonio Itinerary

October 30-31




Friday, October 30

5:00 am             Wake UP!
                           Eat Breakfast at Home
7:00am              Depart Central High School (4 hr 30 min. hour travel time)
10:00am            Snack provided on Bus
11:30am              Arrive at Lehamn High School
                           1700 Lehman Rd, Kyle, TX 78640
12:00-1:30          Rehearsal
1:30                    Load and Eat Lunch
3:00pm              Depart Lehamn High School
                           66.9 miles to Alamo dome, 1 hour and 11min.
4:30pm              Arrive at Alamo dome, San Antonio
4:55-5:20           Unload trucks
5:25pm              Warm Up
6:30pm             Performance
7:00pm             Load and Change
7:30pm              Depart Alamo dome and return to Lehman HS (snack on buses back)
9:00pm             Dinner @ High School
10pm-12:00       Music Rehearsal
12:00am            Showers
1:00am              Bed


Saturday, October 31


8:00am                Wake up, eat
10-11:00am           Rehearse
11:00-12:30           Shower, gather belongings
12:30pm               Depart to San Antonio     
1:30pm                 Arrive in San Antonio at Alamo dome
1:45-4:15pm         Arrive at Stadium, eat on own at stadium, watch last block of bands
4:15pm                 Presentations of Prelims Ceremony with Drum Majors

If we do make finals…

After presentation we will eat in parking lot. Change, unload and go to warm up. After performance we stay for ceremony at the end.

11:45pm               Finish Finals
11:45pm               Change clothes, load instruments, eat pizza in parking lot
1:00am                Depart
5:00-6:00am      Arrive back to CHS


If we don’t make finals…

We will depart after prelims ceremony and eat fast food on the way home.