Monday's Schedule

Keller Central Band


Homework and Send Off Performance Schedule

Monday November 9th, 2015




1:00                          Meet @ CHS for Homework
                                    Seniors                    Band Hall
                                   Juniors            Lobby
                                   Sophomores    Dance Room
                                    Freshman                       Cafeteria

3:00                          Dress/Load/Eat
                                  Students need to eat on their own.  They can leave or eat at school

4:00                          Inspection
                                 (Half Uniform.  Color Guard Practice Attire)

4:15                          Depart for Stadium
                                (We do have buses)

5:00                          Rehearse on Keller’s Practice field (Behind stadium)

                     Students will rehearse in half uniform

7:00                          Send off Performance

8:00       Parents Bring students home from performance
             Uniforms go home and are cleaned before Wednesday


9:00                          We will need older students to help unload the pit back at school.