Alteration Payments: Due Sept. 4th


If you haven't turned in payment for uniform alterations, please make sure this gets turned into the grey box by Friday, September 4th. We have received many, but we still just want to send a reminder on getting this. 

Payment must be attached to the pink slip given to you or your child at alterations. If you do not have the pink slip, please state who payment is from and what it's for. If you do have a question on how much, you may call or e-mail Mr. Rudnick to find out. 

If you write a check, make sure it's made out to Kell Cleaners.

Last, if you have any other questions on payment, please contact Mr. McNulty. I hope you're excited to see the band looking great this year! Mrs. Cox and all the uniform parents have been working hard to make sure we have the best looking group!