Uniform Parent Guide

KC Band Families,

Attached in this e-mail you’ll find our parent “Uniform Guide” and it can also be found in the parent section of our website.

·      https://kellercentralband.squarespace.com/uniform-guide/

Uniforms at back from alterations and we are now in the process of checking them on students and adding stirrups to the bib. We’ll be wearing the full marching band uniform for next week’s game on Friday, September 25th. Below are things to make sure students have ready to go for that Friday game, BISD Marching Contest and Marching Expo coming up.


·      Long WHITE socks.

·      WHITE compression shirt.

·      Cami Leotard (Nude Color)

·      Hair up in bun, military style.

o   Here is a link from Keller HS Band that shows great steps on what is need for ladies in uniform. (https://youtu.be/3v5xAP66PSk)

o   Another resource, but donut bun must be on top of head. (https://youtu.be/C6AvIStmGVo)


·      Long WHITE socks.

·      WHITE compression shirt.

·      Make sure long hair is up or cut.  Clean shave is possible or needed!

·      Dyed BOXER BREIFS with Rite Dye – Tan.

o   White form fitting boxer briefs must be used and can be dyed in your washing machine with Rit Dye – Tan Color.

o   Helpful Rit Dye washing machine video (https://youtu.be/7TQurGr0NwQ)

Below are parent washing and return dates. You’ll be able to look in the “Uniform Guide” on washing instructions. Parents will be responsible for washing their student’s uniform this year and students are responsible for returning all items in their garment bag to school. Uniform parents will be check to make sure everything is washed, returned and put up correctly on return dates.

Keller Central Band Uniform Washing Dates

Washing Dates:

Oct. 3rd

Oct. 10th

Oct. 24th

Nov. 1st

Nov. 16th

Return Dates:

Oct. 5th

Oct. 13th

Oct. 26th

Nov. 3rd

Nov. 18th

Please look over everything and make sure your child understands what is needed for next week. We’ll be going over uniform expectations with students in class.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Cox (Shari Cox shari76137@gmail.com) or I on anything.

Thanks and let’s make sure our kids look great for next week!