San Antonio Itinerary

Keller Central Band


San Antonio Trip

November 3rd – 6th


7:30 am           Bring All Items to school. 
4:00 pm           Eat/Dress/Load for Game
7:00 pm           CHS Versus Haltom (@ BISD Stadium)
8:30 ish             Half Time Performance

10:00 ish         Game Ends
10:30-11          Return Back To School

Go Home And Shower


1am                 Meet Back @ School for San Antonio Departure
5am                 Arrive at Lehman High School to sleep (floor time)
                        (We’ll have to wait for Lehman Band to leave before we take over)

6:30                 Breakfast Provided By Boosters
7:30-8:30         Wake Students UP!
9:30                 Depart for San Antonio  
11:55                 Warm Up Begins
1pm                 Keller Central Prelims Performance

2:00-5              Lunch on the Riverwalk (On students dime)
5:00’ish           Depart for Lehman High School
7:00-12            CHS Marching Band Dinner and Party !


8 am                Wake Up / Breakfast provided by boosters
9:30-10            Depart for Alamo Dome
11:30-4            Watch Bands
                        Lunch @ Dome (On students dime)
4:30                 Presentation of Awards
                        Drum Majors and Guard Captions


If we make finals, we’ll get ready.  If we don’t make finals, we’ll depart for home.
Getting dress and hair done will be difficult.. We’ll have to do it in the parking lot like everyone else .




(If we don’t make finals)

7:00’ish           We’ll stop for fast food on the way home
11-midnight    Arrive back @ CHS



(If We Make Finals)

Dinner in Parking Lot Provided By Boosters.

7:30                             First Finals Band Starts


11:00                           Finals Competition Ends

11:15                           Finale – Presentation of Awards


12:00                           Depart for Home

5am                 Arrive Home (If we made Fi