PEAK Itinerary: Saturday April 23

Saturday, April 23

9:45am           Attendance and Uniform Inspection at Central High School

10:00am        Depart To Wylie High School (ok to bring a snack)

11:30am        Arrive at Wylie High School, Leave Cases on Buses- no place inside school for       instrument cases.

                        Unload Percussion

12:30              Concert Band Warm up

1pm                Concert Band Performance, Symphonic Warm Up

1:30                Symphonic Band Performance, Wind Ensemble Warm Up

2pm                Wind Ensemble Performance

3pm                Change out of uniform into comfortable clothing

3:30                Depart Wylie High School

4:30                Dinner (Bring money)

6pm                Arrive Back at Central High School




Formal Concert Attire

Gentleman: tuxes, black socks, black dress shoes

Ladies: formal long black dress clothes, showing no skin on arms, legs or feet, black socks and black dress shoes. Do NOT wear denim or toms. Must be formal clothing.

Bring Comfortable Clothes for after performance.


Parents are invited and welcome to attend performance. 

Performance at Wylie High School: 3000 Wylie East Drive, Wylie, TX 75098