KC Lessons: Enrollment and Scholarship Application

(This had been sent in e-mail form as well)

Band Families,          

            Participation in a performing arts group provides students opportunities to work cooperatively in a group, develop self-discipline, master musical skills, and maintain individual excellence. Private instruction is a major component of any fine arts education. This guidance provides supplemental enrichment that enhances and improves students’ skills. Students receiving this personal, individualized instruction benefit both musically and personally. Private instruction seeks to increase the musical proficiency of the students continuously and works cooperatively with the classroom instruction.

To help increase student enrollment in the lesson program, we have a scholarship application available to help pay a partial cost of each lesson. Families that need financial help are encouraged to fill out the application. Due to limited money, we must have all applications turned in by Friday, August 26, 2016. The directors will look through applicants and make selections based on the applications criteria and the student’s day-to-day actions in the band program. 

The Keller Central Band Boosters set aside money to help pay a maximum of $9.50 for each $19.00 lesson if needed.  Again, all scholarship forms must be turned in by Friday, August 26, 2016. The form can be found in the attachment and information can be found at the website like below. Please contact Mr. Rudnick if you have any questions.


Keller Central Band Staff