Duncanville Competition Itinerary

Duncanville Marching Invitational
October 28th, 2017
900 Camp Wisdom Rd, Duncanville Tx 75116


5:00am            Students need to eat Breakfast! 
6:30 am             Rehearsal @ CHS
7:30                   Dress/Load
9:00                  Depart for Duncanville
10:00                 Arrive
11:00                  Warm Up
11:45                   Keller Central Prelims Performance
12:30                  Get into normal clothing(See below)

Lunch on students own dime.  (concession stands) 

12:30 - 4:45      Watch bands all afternoon! 
4:45                  Prelims Awards
5pm                  Dinner provided by Boosters

6:30                  First Finalist Band Performs
9:00                  Last finalist Band Performs
9:15                   TCU Performance
9:30                  Finals Award Ceremony
10:30                Depart for CHS
11:15                  Arrive back at CHS
12:00                Dismissal


*Students need money for Lunch
*Students need to wear their "established shirt" with Jeans.  Bring a jacket as well.