1st Draft San Antonio Trip!

Hello Families
This is not the final itinerary for San Antonio.  This just gives families an idea of our upcoming San Antonio Trip. 
Here's some important notes

1.  Student need to have $9 in a envelope with their name on it by Tuesday! This $9 will go to a finals ticket if we don't make finals.  
2. Students need to bring everything to school Friday morning. (except for ditty bag) 
(more information coming out later about ditty bags) 

Friday November 3rd 

9:30pm         After half time depart to CHS
10:30             Go home, shower, eat
11:30pm         Charter Buses Arrive
11:45pm         Arrive at CHS and immediately get on charter bus

Saturday November 4th

12:00                 Depart for San Antonio
5:30am              Arrive at Lot, Eat Breakfast
6:00am             Change into Uniform in Truck or in Dome
6:30am             Unload Truck
7:25-8:10          Warm Up
8:30am             Performance
9:45am             Depart for Lehman High School
11:00                 Arrive at Lehman High School
12:00-3:00        Lunch/Sleep

3:00-4               Wake Up-Shower
4:00                   Depart for San Antonio
5:00                   Arrive at the Dome, eat Dinner

7:30                    Finals Start  
10:45                  Finals Award Ceremony
(We will leave after the last band if we don’t make finals)
12:00                   Departure time if we do make finals
4am                     Arrival if we don’t make finals
6:00am                Arrival if we do make finals