Lock Inn Details

Lock in details!! 
-Date: THIS FRIDAY April 21

-When: doors open 6pm, pot luck starts at 7pm
*attendance is free however we are selling $1 tickets as a fundraiser for banquet for the fun raffles and games after the parent band

-Who: EVERYONE parents, siblings, grandparents, weird cousins, etc.

-Potluck: every student brings an entree as well as the item assigned to their section,
WW: desserts
Brass: Chips
Guard: drinks
Percussion: plates and cups

-parent band performs at 8:30;
pie in the face, kiss a pig, smoothie challenge, and gift basket raffles afterward. ($1 sold before school)

-parents leave once we're through students will have games as usual including Dodgeball tournament, talent show (both sign up sheets in the director hallway), games in classrooms, inflatable dinosaur races, freeze tag, ultimate frisbee, basketball, etc.