New Band Electives 2017 - 2018

We’re happy to announce that outside our normal band classes, we'll be offering new band electives for 2017 - 2018 school year!

Students who are interested in enrolling in any band electives will need to drop another elective they’re already enrolled in. Please make sure the elective outside of the band program is something that is not required to graduate on your personal plan. Most students take random electives to fill in their schedule or decide to take an off period. We want to offer more opportunities for students to grow musically and perform!

If you’re interested in enrolling, please follow the link below to give us the information needed. Students will need to let us know what non-band elective to un-enroll them from.

Enrollment Link and Class Drop

Chamber Music Class

Prerequisites: Band Director approval. Students must also be a member of the KCHS marching and concert bands

Course Description: Chamber music is designed to provide students with a performance opportunity in small ensemble repertoire.  Various ensembles will be formed using the available personnel of woodwind, brass and percussion students.  These ensembles may include:  a woodwind quintet, clarinet quartet, flute quartet, brass quintets, mix percussion and other various ensembles based on the repertoire and available players.

Jazz Band

Prerequisites: Band Director approval. Students must also be a member of the KCHS marching and concert bands.

Course Description: This course is designed as a supplemental ensemble to the Concert Band. This class will serve as an introduction to the rich history of jazz music. Through ensemble rehearsal, individual practice, and a variety of performance opportunities, the student will gain an understanding and appreciation for this great art form. Emphasis will be placed on not just performance technique, but also rudimentary improvisational skills, musicianship, and a sense of personal accountability.

Core Classes for Keller Central Band

Concert Ensemble: 4th Band

Concert Band: 3rd Band

Symphonic Band: 2nd band

Wind Ensemble: 1st Band (Double Blocked - A/B Day)

Percussion Techniques

Percussion Ensemble

Wind Ensemble Percussion

Color Guard

Electives for Keller Central Band

AP Music Theory

Chamber Music
Jazz Band