Keller Central Concert Festival Itinerary

Keller Central Concert Festival
May 19th, 2017
@ Central High School

Students need to wear "Sunday's best" for the concert. 

Concert Band
3:10                  Warm Up
3:40                 Travel Time
3:45                  Concert Band Performance Time

Symphonic Band
3:40                 Warm Up
4:10                  Travel Time
4:15                   Symphonic Band Performance Time

Wind Ensemble
3rd period       Watch bands in the auditorium
1:15                   Report to band hall for warm up
1:45                  Set up stage
2:45                  Keller Central Performance Time
3:45                  Watch bands

Performing Bands after Wind Ensemble
Central Concert Band
Central Symphonic Band
Hurst Junior High
Richland Symphonic Band
Richland Wind Ensemble