Next Week Reminders

Monday Picture Reminder! All students need to come to school by 4:15pm with full uniform on.

Please try to have undergarments ready and wear them, but if not, please wear the closest possible color undergarments to the uniform as possible. Bring a change of clothes with garment bag for after pictures because need ALL uniforms back to sew in stirrups. Students will get uniforms back before the first time needed in mid Sept.

Please note that we are aware that marching band shoes are not in yet. Those students without shoes need to wear the appropriate socks, please look below. We’ll have extra shoes available for those who will be standing in the front for the Panoramic Picture, while we hide the others’ lower body.

Time Frame:

  • 4:15 pm – Call time in Band Hall
  • 4:30 pm – Sections and Individual Pictures
  • 6:00 – 6:30 pm – Group Panoramic

Important Information:

  •  Show up in full uniform, no shakos. With marching instruments.
  •  Students will be done with rehearsal at 2:00 pm on Monday, so they may go home to clean up and change into uniform.
  • Ladies my do their own like they would naturally. Hair does not need to up in performance bun.
  • Change of clothing for Monday, if uniforms have not been altered. 

Reminder on Recommended Undergarments:

  • Do not wear white underwear beneath white bib pants as most often the undergarment will show through.
  • Gentlemen will need to purchase white boxer briefs along with Rit Dye – TAN or tea bags. Boxer briefs can be dyed at home.
  • Ladies will wear a NUDE color boy short cut underwear.
  • All students will need to wear white tube socks. Along with Rit Dye - TAN or tea bags.
  •  All students will need to wear a white crew neck shirt. Along with Rit Dye – TAN or tea bags

Next, ALL students interested in talking private lessons for this coming school year, will need to turn in a KISD Parent Consent form. We’ll need this turned in by Tuesday, August 15, so we can organize this information for our teachers. Even if you’ve been taking lessons in the past or over the summer, you must turn in form.

Link to Parent Consent Form:

Last, we’d like to have our kiddos wear their burgundy #ISurvived for the first day of school. Please check the band calendar for next week’s schedule!