Band Necklaces

Hello All
I thought it would be informative to write about the necklaces that were given out last Thursday. 
This has been a tradition in our band for years now.  

One side of the necklace has our name on it. 
Keller Central Band 

The other side of the necklace has our song
"You are the New Day"

This song has been played at the freshman induction ceremony and band banquet for the last nine years now.  It's also the first thing played by the band in 2009 in "The New Direction Show."  I arranged it on purpose as one of the songs that would unite all band members current and pass. 

Students also receive a beed for the shows they marched.  
Blue = Dichotomy
Black = What If
Orange = Rite of Passage
Green = Firefly

This year's beed will be given to the band at our last show. 

Most students wear these all year long.  It is a required item all band performances both Fall and Spring semesters.  (Guard will be able to wear them under their new uniforms when they arrive)

Pic #2.jpg
Pic #2.jpg