Semi Finals Performing Order

Semi-Finals Chamber Festival
@ Central High School
Tuesday March 27th, 2018
In Band Hall


All Ensembles will be judged by the Fossil Ridge Band Staff! 
The top 5 ensembles will be chosen to move on to finals. (We will be picking one percussion ensemble) 6 Total Ensembles

Ensembles will play in this order

1.    CB Trombone
2.   SB Sax Quartet
3.   Transmigration  (Percussion Ensemble) 
4.   WE Trumpet Septet
5.   WE Clarinet Quartet #2
6.   Breakdown (Percussion Ensemble)
7.    WE Trombone Quintet
8.   WE Sax Quartet #1
9.   Fractalia (Percussion Ensemble)
10.  WE Low Brass Quartet
11.   WE Sax Quartet #2
12.  CC Trombone Quartet
13.  WE Sax Ensemble