TCU Jazz Festival Itinerary

TCU Jazz Festival
March 24th, 2018


Ed Landreth Auditorium           Performance Location for Jazz Band!  
2800 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109
PepsiCo Recital Hall                  Performance Location for Jazz Ensemble!  
2800 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109

7:40am        Band Hall Will Be Opened
8:00             Run Through! 
8:30             Depart for TCU
(Students can drive themselves with a note) 
10:30           Warm Up  (In Ed Landreth) 
11:00            Keller Central Jazz Band Performance Time
11:30            Clinic
12:00           Get lunch !   Student are free to go home if they like

3:00            Jazz Ensemble Students Meet at TCU (PepsiCo Recital Hall) 
4:00            Jazz Ensemble Warm UP
4:30            Jazz Ensemble Performance Time
5:00            Clinic

5:30pm       Bus Departs for CHS
6:15             Arrive Back At CHS

7:30pm       Award Ceremony Begins at Ed Landreth
                   Students not required to go. 

Students will need to wear all black for the performance.  I would bring around $10 for lunch