Items For This Week: UDB App

We're excited to announce we'll still be implementing our digital drill book for this year due to last year's success! The drill learning process is turning digital to give students more information, save paper and time for band programs, so an application has be developed to provide this information in a digital format, UDBapp (Ultimate Drill Book App).

UDBapp is FREE for to download and will work on any IOS and Android device. More information my be found here:

Below are to tutorials on how the app works. 

Students will also be asked to still fill out a traditional dot book as well. This will serve as a backup and also enhance the learning process by writing down their personal coordinates. Please make sure students have everything below.


  • Oxford Spiral Bound 3 X 5 Index Cards
  • Shoe lace
  • UDBapp on phone or other device. (We'll be able to work with students who can't get this on their phone or other IOS/Android device)

Much Thanks,

KC Band Staff