Region Clinic and Concert Additional Information

$10 Needed for food.
We will be feeding the kids Friday after school and Saturday Lunch

Below is the Formal Attire needed for Saturdays concert

Formal Concert Attire

For performances in the formal concert band setting, students will dress professionally by adhering to the following guidelines. This attire will primarily be used in the Spring at Pre-UIL and UIL.

  • ●  Gentlemen:

    • ○  Tuxedo jacket and pants (provided by school)

    • ○  White tux shirt, black cummerbund, black bowtie, and black studs (purchased by student)

    • ○  black dress shoes, with black socks (provided by student)

  • ●  Ladies:

    • ○  Solid black shirt, 3⁄4 length sleeve or longer

    • ○  Solid black pants (no denim)

    • ○  Close-toed black shoes with black socks or black hosiery

    • ○  No dresses, skirts, or gowns may be worn (except for religious reasons)

    • ○  Modest jewelry is allowed