Detailed Pre-UIL Schedule

KISD Pre-UiL Schedule
March 21, 2019
@ Central High School

Concert Band
7:30 am Report to Band Hall for Rehearsal
8:30 Get dressed into Concert Attire We’ll need to use the bathrooms upstairs
2nd Period Go to class
3rd Period Report to band hall @ 11:08
11:10 Warm Up Begins
11:50 Keller Central Concert Band Performance
12:15 - 1:13 Eat Lunch in Cafeteria / Dress out of Concert Dress
4th Period Go back to Class

Symphonic Band
Get Dressed into Concert Dress during your lunch Class
4th Period Report to Band Hall ASAP (Warm Up starts at 1:10)
1:10 Warm Up
2:00 Keller Central Symphonic Band Performance
5th Period Watch Bands in Auditorium

Wind Ensemble
3rd Period Watch Bands in Auditorium
5:00pm Warm Up in Band Hall (Be in Concert Attire)
5:45 Wind Ensemble Performance