Football Procedures


Football Procedures




1.     Student Eat, Load, and Dress before a game.

2.     Students are responsible for their own mess in the cafeteria.  Parents are not here to clean up

3.     Students with long hair need to get them braided. (including males)
a.  Sprit Show Braid (looser braid with no product)

b.  Competition Braid (Tight braid with product)

        3.   Student needs for Game

              a. Instrument/Equipment

              b. Carry on bag

              c. Flip Folder (Winds and Drum Line only)

              d. Correct uniform (Spirit or Competition)

        4.    Inspection (Section leaders check every student before departing for buses)

        5.    Bus Rules

               a.  Stay seated the entire time

               b. No talking in a parking lot (allows bus drivers to communicate)

               c. Section leaders will call for “quite please” No talking until they say so.

               d. Drum Majors will allow dismiss students off the buses

               e. No food on buses, unless director allows.

               f.  Leadership will check buses at the end of the night for cleanliness

               g. Music must be listened to with headphones.


Game Rules


1.     No Phones on during game. (Keep in bag)

2.     No student is allowed to use restroom by themselves. 

3.     No food allowed in uniform (Spirit or Competition)

4.     Students need to stay in sections the entire game. (No moving around)

5.     No family or friends allowed to sit with band students during game.

6.     Make sure we’re paying attention to game.  (So we can do our job)


Post-Game Rules


1.     Same Bus rules apply for the way home.

2.     Full band dismisses all together in auditorium.  (No student is allowed to leave before we dismiss)

3.     Parents will receive a text with dismissal time 30 minutes before

4.     All Band Area must be cleaned before dismissal.  (including individual lockers)