Jazz Region Auditions - 9/21/19

Audition Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Audition Location: Boswell High School | 5805 W. Bailey Boswell Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76179

Audition Start Time: 9:00 am

Enter at the West-most side of the building. The Eastside is all sports, gymnasiums, weight rooms, stadium access, etc. The Westside--through door #10--is all fine arts, band, choir, theatre, etc. Students with drum-sets, bass amps, guitar amps, etc. will want to be dropped off at door #10 and get set-up. Wind musicians should get dropped off at the cafeteria (Door 19), which you will see on a map that I will distribute soon.

Drum set auditions will be held in our big band hall, which is not carpeted but has a tile floor, so PLEASE make sure your drummers know to bring a rug to place beneath their drum-set. All drummers are encouraged to bring the set they're comfortable playing on. A house set will be provided for those who prefer not to bring one.

Similarly, guitarists and bassists are encouraged to provide their own amplification. However, we will provide a house amp for both guitarists AND bassists within their respective rooms.

The cafeteria will serve as a holding room for students who are waiting for their round or who are waiting for others to finish. We will have simple concessions available (pizza, chips, candy, water, soft-drinks, etc.).